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Abre Behavior

The premier Abre App that supports positive behavior supports, behavior referrals, and school analytics.


Why Choose Us

Whole Child

Understand student behavior in the context of the whole child.

Simple & Efficient

Easy to use. Save time and energy.


Integrates directly with your Student Information System. No double data entry.

Proactive Supports

Abre provides additional supports to encourage positive behaviors and discourage challenging behaviors.

Key Features

Abre Behavior gives schools a robust set of functions and features.

Behavior on Pixel

Clean Design

Find students with one click. Log behavior on any device.


Intuitive Workflows

Behavior workflows that route to the appropriate administrator. Clear notifications to staff and family members. Our workflows allow support staff to address challenging behavior and encourage positive behavior.


Behavior in the Context of the Whole Child

To understand students and to support the whole child, behavior becomes a component of the Student360. The Student360 brings in other important aspects of the student such as their profile, assessments, grades, wellness, forms, community partners, and various education plans.

Behavior Reports

Analytics that Inform

Good decision making requires solid data. Abre Behavior provides exceptional analytics to school and district leaders.

Trusted By

A growing number of school districts in many states.

More than just documenting behavior

We offer a robust catalog of resources to address student behaviors. This includes resources for students, their families, and staff members.

Courses and Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

Indeed we do! On initial configuration, schools can configure positive behaviors they wish to document.

Yes. Documenting behavior in a silo can be a hinderance to supporting the student. With Abre, schools can see other foundational elements about the student. Elements such as:

  • Profile (home) information
  • 3rd party assessments
  • Education plans
  • Grades
  • Social and Emotional Wellness
  • Partner organizations

Yes. Schools can fully customize behaviors and outcomes based on their codes of conduct

We integrate with a number of well-known student information systems. Assuming a school's SIS has the ability to integrate, we are happy to work towards setting up an integration.

Families, teachers, and administrators can sign up for a variety of notification types around behavior.

Yes. Schools can upload templated letters (complete with their own letterhead and language) that are attached to behavior incident. These templated letters can then be printed.

Absolutely. Schools have the ability to define who on their staff can view behavior.


Graphs and reports are generated in the following categories:

  1. Most common behaviors
  2. Most common location of the behaviors
  3. Incidents over time
  4. Incidents by time of day
  5. Incidents by Behavior Workflow Step
  6. Most common incident submitters
  7. Students with the most associated incidents

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