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Abre and Cincinnati Public Schools

February 2, 2023

1. Brief Overview of Abre

Abre is K-12’s #1 modern data platform. We offer solutions around:

  • Data and Analytics
  • Student Well-Being
  • School Management
  • Portrait of a Graduate
  • Learning Management
  • Career and Technical Education
  • Family and Community Engagement

Abre started in a school district and grew from a need. As classrooms filled with Chromebooks and students had more access to edtech, we noticed that many of the software solutions were messy. We faced countless logins, siloed data, terrible UI/UX, and increasing confusion among different users. We were missing the simplicity. We wanted a one stop shop for our learning community.

So we created it.

2. Community Engagement Solution (LPD 2.0)

Our community engagement solution (LPD) brings outside community partners into a relationship with the school, students, and their families. This solution was developed with Cincinnati Public Schools and is used by their partner organizations. Typical use cases are:

  • Tutoring clubs
  • Mental health organizations
  • Sports Teams (Coaches)
  • MTSS
  • PTOs

Community partners, with family permission, have access to elements of the Student360.

This solution also allows schools to track time donated by a partner, money donated, and in-kind services donated.

Bonus: Many of our customers use Partners to track the effectiveness of Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions of student who are part of the MTSS framework.

An Overview of our Community Engagement solution

How Abre Approaches Data Analytics

3. Does "it" Work? Data-as-a-Service.

Abre offers Data-as-a-Solution (Daas). Put simply, DaaS empowers district leadership to get answers to questions quickly and easily.

Questions We’ve Heard from Cincinnati Public:

  1. How impactful are partner programs on students?
  2. What is the alignment of partner programs to schools and does this alignment accurately reflect needs?
  3. Can partners use data to support their initiatives?
  4. Can you quantify what partners contribute (ie time, talent, and treasure).

We can answer these and many more with DaaS. We do the work of clarifying questions, defining answers, and developing dashboards to make these answers instantly accessible to the CPS team.

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