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Abre and Mason City Schools

December 13, 2022

How Abre Approaches Data Analytics

1. Data Insights and Visualizations

Mason uses PowerSchool for a data solution. I’d love to get a sense of why. I’d like to understand PowerSchool’s positioning versus our positioning.

Questions We’re Curious About:

  1. What did Mason find compelling about PowerSchool’s data solution?
  2. What are the top questions Mason is trying to answer with their data?
  3. How is PowerSchool obtaining the data sources (the silo question)?

Ultimately, I’d like to gain a better understanding of how we might differentiate against PowerSchool. This helps us serve our customers better (and, of courses, helps us grow!).

Bonus: Mason has access to Abre Insights this year. There may be Insights you would like to use (for example: Family Access Analytics).

2. Portrait of a Graduate (Student Success)

Our Student Success Solution was developed with Middletown City Schools and is used by many League of Innovative Schools to operationalize the entire portrait of a graduate process. In essence, you know if you are achieving graduates with the defined characteristics.

Bonus: Some of our customers in Ohio use Graduation Plans as part of the Student Success Solution.

An Overview of Student Success

An Overview of our Partners App

3. Community Engagement Solution

Our community engagement solution brings outside community partners into a relationship with the school, students, and their families. Common use cases are:

  • Tutoring clubs
  • Mental health organizations
  • Sports Teams (Coaches)
  • MTSS Rostering 
  • PTOs

Community partners, with family permission, have access to elements of the Student360.

This solution also allows schools to track time donated by a partner, money donated, and in-kind services donated.

Bonus: Many of our customers use Partners to track the effectiveness of Tier 2 and Tier 3 interventions of student who are part of the MTSS framework.

4. Family Engagement

Mason families use Abre. A lot. 

I’m interested in knowing how we can improve this experience for your families. A few areas I’d love to explore:

  • Family training. We have entire districts (we’re in the midst of a big project with Fresno Unified) that use us primarily for “Family Academies”. The state of Ohio has and continues to develop a large repository of family resources in Abre (mostly around mental health).
  • Unified Helpbot. We get asked every question under the sun from your families. It’d be nice to automate answers to your various departments.


An Overview of Family Access

An Overview of Wellness Checkin

5. Student Well-Being

Mason has been foundational to our Student Well-Being solution (indeed, our frameworks and software have been developed directly on the insights of Nicole and her team). Student Well-Being is captured two ways:

  1. Thrice annual SSIS surveys aligned to CASEL competencies.
  2. Wellness Checkins

Wellness checkins were developed specifically with Mason and Loveland. They’ve proven so powerful that we now include them as part of the Abre Hub for all customers.

New features in Checkins allow districts to align specific resources based on student response. Abre continues to develop the resources with Miami University and the Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services.

What is Available to Mason?

We are a comprehensive platform. We have solutions in most areas of K12. Currently, our biggest areas of growth are Data-as-a-Service, Mental Wellness, Education Plans, and MTSS. We love learning from our customers.

Mason City Schools has been instrumental in the development of Abre. For example, your partnership in developing our Learn App (Ellevate) was key in our growth with schools who needed a PD, IPDP, and LPDC solution. Likewise, your partnership with portfolios became foundational to the Portrait of a Graduate Solution.

In short, thank you. Your partnership has very much contributed to our success!

Our entire platform is always available to your learning community. If you have a need – be it a full solution or a supplement to a current solution – please let us know! We’re here to help.

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