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Partner & Program Registration: Waukegan
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Thank for taking some time to complete this partner and program registration. Your school will be using the Abre Platform and its Abre Application. Abre is the platform that connects the community (you) with the school!

Before connecting the school needs to gather some information. Please take a moment to complete this partner registration.

A quick note on terms and organization. We use Partner and Program deliberately.

  • A partner is a parent organization that exists outside of the school.
  • A program is just that, a program run by the partner.

Partners can have multiple programs! And indeed, you can add multiple programs in this registration form.

For example, you may have the YMCA of Cincinnati as the partner. In turn, the YMCA has a program for tutoring math, for summer camps, for after-school care, and for a gymnastics team.

If you need any assistance, please view the tutorial.

Kind Regards,